Dr. Rosemarie Rothe Memorial Scholarship Grant

Dr. Rosemarie Rothe was an educator with the Ann Arbor, Michigan Public Schools and an administrator in the adult education program.  Dr. Rothe strongly believed in providing opportunities through education and was a lifelong community leader.

Dr. Rosemarie Rothe was deeply committed to helping  pre-teen students with learning disabilities.  She believed in show and tell by using props as part of her teaching technique and methods. Dr. Rothe had a firm belief that every one deserves the basic tools of success for everyday life.

Dr. Rothe raised seven extraordinary children, all of whom earned their college degrees, while working full time, volunteering and continuing her own education.  Dr. Rothe earned her Doctorate of Education at the age of 58.


The Dr. Rosemarie Rothe Scholarship Grant is awarded to a graduating high school senior that is passionate in pursuing a degree and career in education.  Applicants are asked to demonstrate their passion in teaching and guiding our youth and their devotion to charitable service and giving back to others and their community.

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