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The "Keep it Alive" Foundation provides leadership and personal development training that enable our young adults with the skills and tools to become better communicators and the ability to focus on and plan their future.  This training helps them develop higher priorities with their family and education; self development training that empowers students with more self confidence and higher self esteem, becoming more engaged with their families, friends, their school and communities.

After witnessing the tremendous personal impact it has on the youth that attend this training, this organization was founded so all our communities could benefit from the skills these young adults and future educators alike will gain from becoming leaders in their classes, schools and community.

The Dr. Rosemarie Rothe memorial scholarship grant will be awarded to a high school graduating student each year for an individual who aspires to the ideals of teaching that also believes in developing our next generation of young leaders and the goals of giving back to our communities.

Help us take part in the initiative to enrich our future by improving one person or the whole community.

Sam Nicholson,
Executive Director



"Keep it Alive" Foundation

6841 S. Eastern Ave. Ste 103
Las Vegas, NV  89119
(702) 492-5330
(602) 725-9200


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